CSE-IT Requests

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Software or Hardware Assistance

This request form is for any type of request regarding hardware or software. Please note that this is for requests - if your computer/device is having issues, please send an email to csehelp@umn.edu.

Operating System Configuration

This request form is for Operating System configuration. This includes reimaging and upgrading OS systems. If you are having issues with your OS that do not involve installation or upgrading, please contact csehelp@umn.edu instead of completing this form.

Purchasing Order

This request can be used to begin the process of ordering devices for your department. This is the first step in the approval, not the order being sent to the vendor. If you require a consultation before deciding, contact csehelp@umn.edu.

Laptop Wired Access

This request is for being granted wired access to a laptop. For wired access for a desktop, please fill out the Networking Request above.

Networking Request

The request can be used for any type of networking request managed by CSE IT. If this is in regards to an issue where networking is no longer working when it previously was, please send an email to csehelp@umn.edu instead of completing this form.

Access Request

Request form to request access to systems, devices, or drives. These requests are subject to review.